About us

"Rivaka" Ltd. was founded in 1992 years in Katauskiai village, Lithuania. For more than 20 years we have been producing bathroom furniture. During furniture development and design, we are focused on contemporary shape, useful features, high-quality materials and stylish details. Seeking to provide the widest selection of furniture, we have created over 100 design solutions, so everyone could find their own bathroom idea.

In 2010 we launched ceramic factory and became the first and sole producer of ceramic sanitary in whole Baltic Region. Ceramics is one of the oldest and most environmentally friendly materials used in the manufacture of sanitary washbasins. We are glad to offer the whole set - furniture and washbasins made by our company.

We are a diligent, flexible, creative team, constantly looking for aesthetic, functional and sustainable design solutions. By carefully following the latest design trends and listening to the needs of our customers, we continually updating our range of products with new ideas.

Long-standing experience, a team of professionals, advanced production technologies, carefully selected materials and details - a great blend of these elements ensure high quality of our furniture and washbasins. Just browse our collections and find the bathroom furniture you desire!

RIVA products are highly appreciated not only in Lithuania, but also in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Russia.