Our experience, professionalism, and attention to details will help you create the bathroom of your dreams

For more than 25 years we have been manufacturing bathroom furniture with the goal of making your life more comfortable and easier.

The history of Rivaka Ltd. began in 1992. After trying various woodworking jobs, we soon realized that the production of bathroom furniture is our mission and the path we want to take. We are following this path today. Purposeful focus and specialization in one area has helped us to improve work processes, better understand customer needs and offer thoughtful bathroom furniture solutions.

In 2010 we have entered the next stage of development. Our desire to continuous improvement led to a bold decision – we opened a ceramics factory and became the first and only manufacturer of ceramic washbasins in the entire Baltic region. We have set ourselves the goal of creating aesthetic and functional washbasins that would provide more comfort to everyday household. Thus, today our washbasins are valued for their beautiful and functional design, easy maintenance, resistance to corrosion, heat and wear. Our washbasins last for many years, so you can forget about the worries of renovating your bathroom every several years. In addition, we cover washbasins with a glaze that does not contain lead that is harmful to your health.

Too big furniture? Awkward design? Unaesthetic appearance? Hard to adapt? Too complicated maintenance? Many times we have heard all these problems that you face when installing your bathroom. Thus, when developing new products, we focus on all of these issues. We understand that no two dream bathrooms are the same. That’s why we’ve created so many choices for style, color, width, and height. In addition, following the latest design trends, we are constantly adding choices of colors, shapes, and styles so that no one constrains your imagination!
Thanks to our long-term experience in furniture production, we provide high-quality MDF painting and cutting services. Choose the color you want from the NCS, RAL color charts, provide us with cutting dimensions, milling drawings, or choose from the various CNC milling examples we offer and we will delight you with the results!

We put our whole heart into every piece of furniture and washbasin we created. The high-quality standards we have set for ourselves encourage us to constantly update production technologies and choose materials more carefully. We are proud to see returning happy customers not only from Lithuania, but also from Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Estonia, and Latvia.


We put our whole heart into every piece of furniture and washbasin we create